UAN Passbook Download, Check pf Balance and epf passbook

Download uan passbook by sign into uan member portal of epfo with uan number and password. The best way to check pf balance with full details by downloading the uan passbook from member portal. Follow the guidelines to download the uan passbook.

Features of the UAN Passbook for the PF Balance

The new provident fund office provides the unified universal account number portal for the employee’s convenience. The employee can also get the number on the portal and also check the new provident fund balance. The employee can download the universal account number card and passbook in the official portal of the provident fund office. The uan passbook gives many facilities for the new provident fund balance checking. It is the best platform that serves many benefits to the employee and also the employee can check simply without any hassle.

uan member portal is the non-stoppable platform for all the employee provident fund activities. In this portal, the employee can download the universal account number Passbook, and it is the most important one for getting the provident fund. The passbook is necessary for the each employee provident fund member, and they must download the passbook simultaneously. The employee provident fund is the saving scheme after the retirement that can be organized by the provident fund office. It is the important to become the part of the scheme, and the company can register the entire employee for the employee provident fund account.

Key features of the UAN:

With the help of the portal, the employee gets the precise information about the universal account number for the employee provident fund balance checking purpose. Once the employee is the member of the employee provident fund member, the employee has to continue with the membership till the job lasts. The company can provide the universal account number given to each employee provident fund member. The universal account number is attached to the member, and the employee does not change the job. With the help of the uan passbook, the employee provident fund transfer, pf withdrawal, and the status have become easier.

The universal account number facilities are given to the members with the help of the unified portal of the universal account number. The provident fund amount is the biggest saving for the employee a future and the money is the aid for the employee in any emergency occur in their life. It is the important one to manage the universal provident fund account and the passbook fulfill the employee needs. The passbook contains all the necessary information of the employee provident contribution. So the passbook is the important one for the employee to manage the provident fund in the account.

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Steps to download the UAN passbook:

The employee can easily download the passbook in the unified UAN portal. Each member with the universal account number can access the unified portal with the help of the universal account number dashboard. Once the universal account number is activated and the people necessary to log in the account of the provident fund.

  • The employee visits the universal account number portal to see the details of the provident fund and other things in the portal.
  • If the employee is the first time user of the portal and they must activate the universal account numbers in the portal.
  • To activate the universal account number, the employee gives their universal account number and mobile number.
  • After this process is completed, the employee set the password for the universal account number portal for the authorized purpose.

uan passbook download

  • After the activation is completed, the employee has to login into the universal account number portal using the universal account number and password.
  •   login to the uan portal, the employee reaches to the universal account number dashboard.
  • After this type of process is completed, the employee would see the three tiles present on the site.
  • The first option is to view the passbook, and the employee clicks it to download the UAN passbook for the future reference of the provident fund.
  • The employee can also reach the view option of the menu bar in the unified portal and select the passbook from the list.
  • The employee can see the link of the universal account number passbook and the employee click it to view online and also download it for the future use.

Check balance with the universal account number:

  • The employee can now check the employee provident fund status by sending the free message to the early provident fund office toll-free number.
  • Every employee can also make the call with the universal account number toll-free number to check the provident balance with interest.
  • The employee can also download the provident fund application on their phone and then enter the UAN number and check the provident fund balance.

uan activation and uan helpdesk.

Now members can download uan passbook either by uan portal or epf Passbook option. epfo close epf balance by pf number at present.

Download your uan passbook here at the end of the article epf balance.

Download uan epf passbook here